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SUM SUM SUMMERTIME — bieq design

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Summer actually looks like autumn in Haarlem/Netherlands recently. Fortunate to find a great, inspiring bieq workspot for short period of time, i went there to concentrate on bieq designs. Design is defenitely my favourite parts of bieq. Theme check, yarn check, production check, items to design check, music on and go !

Hats are main part of bieq collection and sell best, but mittens, scarves, new socks and small range of clothing will be presented asap. Age range again will be 0-6yrs for boys & girls. And …..bieq’s main importance is to provide the beautiful handicraft of knitting ! Also we try to import some of crochet and maybe more techniques in new collection. We still notice handmade items, made with love and care are important for people, an honest story, durable material. Also being a small brand attracts shopowners worldwide to distinguish themselves. We receive emails from many happy customers, enthousiastic shopowners worldwide and beautiful magazines/blogs #welovethis !

So …to be continued !


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