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‘bieq re-start in Haarlem’

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Last year was a turbulent period for bieq. Due to personal circumstances i moved from a small village nearby Amsterdam, to the city centre of Haarlem. To a beautiful, monumental building, which is both home & office for bieq. The view and space are spectacular : mill ‘the Adriaan’ and canal Spaarne right in front. Boats are sailing and lots of people making selfies al day long. #happy surroundings

But personal sorrow is not good for creative mindset : i did not succeed making new designs for AW2015/16. Also production in South-America with our Peruvean agency was  not smooth and did not seem to improve. In januar 2014 i was in the beautiful Andes / Huancavelica to visit my bieq knitting ladies and discuss production with Peruvean agent. It really, really moved me to see the effort of bieq knitting work for the ladies : they are so helped with our knitting work and makes me feel sorry if i need to stop cooperating with them.

I decided to also visit the knitting ladies of Solid in the nearby mountain village Ayacucho to see their production. Solid has Belgium supervision and complete honest and transparent production. A warm welcome, a presentation about Manta and meeting all staff. We discussed bieq and they would love to knit for us. And we sure love Solid.

The fact we only work with pure merino yarn, imported to Peru from Uruguay, colored and spun especially for us is another cost item.

Above matters made me think if/how to continue with bieq. Fairtrade production makes expensive prices which people more and more seem to understand, but still seems rather difficult for items which babies only wear for short time. So choose for machineknits or handknits ? And material merino or cheaper alpaca, which is not as breathing and heat regulating as our merino ?

bieq started to keep the art of HANDknitting and help women in less developed countries knitting the items for bieq. Also the MATERIAL is important for babies & toddlers. bieq seems to become more popular and we have a beautiful network of shops selling the brand in combination with our bieq webshop. Lots of happy moments, experiences & meetings with people around the globe !

A new bieq collection AW2016/17 with merino yarn will be presented januar 2016 ! Production is choice to be made as costs need to improve ! #goal

Thank you for understanding AW2015/16 is first in 10 (!) years not to have a new collection. Each current bieq buyer will get the offer to buy from current collection/stock and new bieq buyers are welcome as we have lots of beautiful bieq stock and Dutch grannies knit extra ordered items. contact me via



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