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▲ the product ▲▲

All bieq hand knits are designed in Amsterdam by Angélique Roelofsen (me). All activities of being an entrepreneur this is the favorite one !

The goal is to make designs comfortable to wear, in bieq style : cool chic, knitted, authentic. The designs should be simple and wear comfortable.

Clothing is just an addition to the beautiful child wearing it.
It should be simple but not too simple, details i take care off. Also the knits should look like knits, preferable knitted-by-hand look. Future goal is to have bigger sizes up to twelve years, knitted in a more bulky merino. Minimum quantities slow me down for now, but future will tell !

Colours may be bright but than a simple design will do. Our best sold colours though are, for several years, the natural ones : off-white & grey. But modern colours complete the bieq collection and are getting more popular.
Sometimes i notice a certain new colour to be. It can be scary to choose a color, as we present collection to shops half a year before people see the items in the shop, will it not be a hype colour and gone by then..
Satisfaction is great when i’ve choosen the right modern colour to be !

Vintage stitches and persons from time ago are a good inspiration. Also walking around cities and look at people is very nice to feel atmospheres.

Almost ten years of making designs, i know the best way to do so for me is being in a certain space for several days with drawing book, photos which inspire me : buildings, colors, people, stitches etc.
Each section has an area, hats, mittens, cardigans etc. I walk in between these areas and in next few days designs exist. It makes me feel alive and kicking, leaving the space after some days with new bieq designs to be !



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