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Just opened our new website #yeah #happyvibes for our baby & kids knitwear in merino !
It shows knitwear for babies in size 0-2years, girls 2-6yrs and boys 2-6yrs,
which can be shipped, same as before, worldwide. For further inquiry please contact us via

This summer our Dutch knitting ladies made cap style Bella in both pima cotton and merino. This ecological pima cotton is brought during my last visit in Peru in 2014. Same cap is made in merino as this breathing material can be worn all year round. And … it’s crochet !

Some new shops showed their interest for coming winter in bieq, such as great Tas-ka in the Hague/Netherlands and Su&Jill in Zutphen/Netherlands started recently selling bieq knitwear. Coming januar2017 our goal is to show a new collection of knitwear.
Also we’re busy with a new team of knitting ladies somewhere else in the world,next to the Peru knitting ladies, to be continued …. !

Angelique / bieq



SUM SUM SUMMERTIME — bieq design

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Summer actually looks like autumn in Haarlem/Netherlands recently. Fortunate to find a great, inspiring bieq workspot for short period of time, i went there to concentrate on bieq designs. Design is defenitely my favourite parts of bieq. Theme check, yarn check, production check, items to design check, music on and go !

Hats are main part of bieq collection and sell best, but mittens, scarves, new socks and small range of clothing will be presented asap. Age range again will be 0-6yrs for boys & girls. And …..bieq’s main importance is to provide the beautiful handicraft of knitting ! Also we try to import some of crochet and maybe more techniques in new collection. We still notice handmade items, made with love and care are important for people, an honest story, durable material. Also being a small brand attracts shopowners worldwide to distinguish themselves. We receive emails from many happy customers, enthousiastic shopowners worldwide and beautiful magazines/blogs #welovethis !

So …to be continued !


#bieq in the movie

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Schermafbeelding 2015-05-13 om 15.40.01Schermafbeelding 2015-05-13 om 15.40.01

wow WOW w o w ….. how very cool to see one of our most popular bieq hats in a Dutch movie !!! A lovely feelgood movie SMOORVERLIEFD in which baby of lead actor Barbara wears our offwhite bieq hat style MIA. The movie is from 2013 by Belgium Hilde van Mieghem, who also made Belgium movie Smoorverliefd in 2010.

It is very nice to see bieq designs worn by little ones. On social media we find lots of photos of little babies wearing hats and cardigans, most are from Japan and South-Korea, who are social media tigers. On Facebook ( or Instagram ( we repost these cute photes. To spot a baby or toddler wearing bieq also causes #happy vibes. More parents told me bieq merino knits are kept in their treasure box with most cute baby stuff, the first little cardigan, striped hat or bieq cuty pie booties. Our knitwear is often used for more kids in the family before they put it in the treasure case.

Now let’s start a new day full of happy & creative vibes ! Feel free to email at for inquiry about bieq.

wlove, Angélique.


at LittleFashionWeek in Brussels

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at LittleFashionWeek in Brussels

1st edition of international trade fair for professionals, newborn up to bigger children’s fashion. The fair shows a very nice selection of brands, for shop-owners a good exhibition to buy their distinctive items ! Also some more well known brand are here, such as Caramel Baby & Noro, beautiful happy toys of Teeny-Tini, colourful lamps of Lapin & me and of course … bieq !

Our stand is in the centre area of the fair / C53. We present our knits for AW2014/15.
bieq started selling hats 10years ago and we still have a wide range of hats, but now with matching scarves, gloves and lots of clothing : cardigans, tops, shorts and pants, a cool lace skirt and more…
all made of pure merino bieq yarn, breathable, non-tickling, soft, light-weighted bieq merino yarn.

1st of march there will be another day for shop-owners to visit the fair and 2nd of march there will be a kind of pop-up store opened for all people. The brands than will sell their current stock for nice prices ! We brought a nice selection of handknits to sell this day !

Every day there is a real catwalk show at the end of the day, where the brands show their items. This makes the fair special. Around 100 boots and opening up to 19:00 ….hush hush come on and visit, we LOVE to show you.




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Latest collection one of the colours chosen is ochre. Warm yellow/orange color and first year not to choose bright yellow.
Coming collection no more yellow or ochre and therefor we made this ochre product bieq photo as tribute for this warm colour !



▲ the product ▲▲

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▲ the product ▲▲

All bieq hand knits are designed in Amsterdam by Angélique Roelofsen (me). All activities of being an entrepreneur this is the favorite one !

The goal is to make designs comfortable to wear, in bieq style : cool chic, knitted, authentic. The designs should be simple and wear comfortable.

Clothing is just an addition to the beautiful child wearing it.
It should be simple but not too simple, details i take care off. Also the knits should look like knits, preferable knitted-by-hand look. Future goal is to have bigger sizes up to twelve years, knitted in a more bulky merino. Minimum quantities slow me down for now, but future will tell !

Colours may be bright but than a simple design will do. Our best sold colours though are, for several years, the natural ones : off-white & grey. But modern colours complete the bieq collection and are getting more popular.
Sometimes i notice a certain new colour to be. It can be scary to choose a color, as we present collection to shops half a year before people see the items in the shop, will it not be a hype colour and gone by then..
Satisfaction is great when i’ve choosen the right modern colour to be !

Vintage stitches and persons from time ago are a good inspiration. Also walking around cities and look at people is very nice to feel atmospheres.

Almost ten years of making designs, i know the best way to do so for me is being in a certain space for several days with drawing book, photos which inspire me : buildings, colors, people, stitches etc.
Each section has an area, hats, mittens, cardigans etc. I walk in between these areas and in next few days designs exist. It makes me feel alive and kicking, leaving the space after some days with new bieq designs to be !